I cater for all levels and types of birding including Photographers, Birders and Listers. Here are a full range of our Darwin Birding Tours from the casual day trip to the full on 7 day tour. Enquire about tours anywhere else in Australia and the Northern Territory


Everything you need to know about Tracks Birding & Photography Tours including about me (Laurie Ross), my Birding Profile, Tour Vehicles, Gear used and legal requirements.


Here I show you just some of the amazing birds we have here in the Northern Territory, we target these species on both our day and overnight trips. If you have a specific species you would like to target please contact me.


Contact me if you have any questions about any of my Birding or Photography Tours, this is also where you go if you would like to book a tour or asked me about anything to do with birds or my photographs. Please note all my tours can be modified to target specific birds so please contact me for options.


Like doing things on the cheap? I hope my guides help you find a few birds. Here you will find my free guides on where to find birds around Australia, currently I have Darwin, Kakadu, Katherine & Victoria River, Alice Springs and Cairns.


Here you will find everything you need to know about the Northern Territory including when to visit, about Darwin's Weather, what to bring on tour and an interactive map showing the Top End of the Northern Territory.


Aside from guiding I am also a Professional Bird Photographer, here the link to my Photography website which showcases well over 1000 species of birds from around the world. These include 450 Australian Birds, 150 Thailand Birds, 160 South American Birds and 240 North American Birds.


Tracks Birding and Photography Tours run small group and private Birding Tours and Photography Tours throughout the Northern Territory (NT), these cater for all aspects of birding including professional photographers who want high quality photographs, serious birders and listers who are looking at ticking some of the more difficult birds off their life lists and the entry level nature / bird lover who want to come out on a trip to learn more about the NT along with get some great photos along the way.

 Darwin | Northern Territory, Australia. 

Tracks Birding is a fully licenced Tour Guide Business, we have all required permits, insurance, qualifications and Tour Vehicle Plates required to run a legal Tour Business here in the Northern Territory, Australia.



Parks and Wildlife NT Tour Operator License

Kakadu Knowledge for Tour Guides

Kakadu Land-based Tour Licence

Commercial Passenger Vehicle (CPV) Accreditation

Tour Vehicle (TV Plates) fitted to Vehicle

20 Million Public Liability




My name is Laurie Ross and I'm the owner and guide at  Tracks Birding and Photography Tours, after many years of working in an office job I decided to follow my heart and start sharing my passion for Birding and Photography and this is why I started Tracks Birding & Photography Tours. So now I am offereing the opportunity to join me on one of my Tours around the Territory, not only do you get a knowledgeable Bird Guide you also get a Professional and Published Photographer.

I've been finding and photographing birds in Australia and the Northern Territory for the past 10 years and have extensive knowledge of the Northern Territory (NT) and include Darwin and surrounds, Katherine, Kakadu National Park, Victoria River, Timber Creek, Tennant Creek, Barkly Tablelands, Alice Springs, Barrow Creek and the Simpson Desert including some amazing spots, where without local knowledge, you wouldn't see.

I am also a professional bird photographer, my photography website showcases all of  my bird and animal photos from Australia and around the world, including over 450 Australian bird species alone. I hope in my lifetime that I have the opportunity to photograph them all with only 350 or so to go.

I have been fortunate enough to visit and photograph wildlife in many countries around the world including New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Canada, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico and throughout US. There's nowhere else like Darwin and I am always happy when I arrive back home to the Northern Territory.

I look forward to hearing from you if you have a good sense of adventure and a passion for bird and wildlife, I promise you will have a tour that you will never forget and I will do whatever it takes to find your target bird or get that perfect photo.




Along with being a Professional Photography Guide and Birder am also serious ebirder and in 2016 got ebirder of the year in Australia and also smashed the Northern Territory Bird Year record by 23, with a total of 330 Birds seen in the 2016 Calendar Year.

If you're not on ebird you should check it out. It is a great way to keep track of your life list and it helps researchers and fellow birders find birds.

Ebird Profile |

2016 NT Bird Year List |

2016 Australian ebirder of the Year |




"Best birding guide in Australia!"

Reviewed by MDbirders

We have birded with a good number of guides over the years, including some very well known ‘stars’. Laurie tops them all easily. We spent two weeks with him in Alice Springs, Kathrine, Kakadu, Darwin, Cairns and the Tablelands. He is everything you would hope to see in a bird guide: very knowledgeable about birds in general, knows where to find them, recognizes bird songs and calls fantastically, knows how to approach them and how to show them to us in a way that would make it easy to obtain great photos. He has great relationship with many local birders and has used those relationships to get tips on where rare birds could be found. As an example, he would hear a bird call while driving on the highway at 130 km/hr, would be able to notice that bird camouflaged in a bush, and turn around in time to show it to us. In addition, Laurie was a pleasure to spend time with. He was friendly, interesting, and knowledgeable about insects, reptiles, fauna and local history. As a nature photographer, he provided us with great photography tips. Thanks to Laurie, we have exceeded all expectations to find and photograph birds by over 50%!
Visited October 2017
Reviewed by AlecNB
I was looking for 4 days of birding photography in NT and made an inquiry of Laurie. He made some recommendations and we agreed on an itinerary. From then on he did all the organisation, from picking me up from my hotel in Darwin to dropping me at the airport. I have done quite a few of these sorts of trips. Step one is to find the birds but you then need to work through how to get a decent photograph. This requires all of the knowledge and skills of a top photographer like Laurie. The results speak for themselves. I got a lot higher proportion of good images with Laurie than I had previously achieved with a bunch of other guides, all of whom had excellent birding skills. Apart from these absolutely core skills, the bonus is that he likes good coffee and good wine and he is good company.
 Visited May 2017


"Wonderful experience"

Reviewed by Anne C

We recently spent some time with Laurie in an attempt to find a long sought target species. While it was a very late request, Laurie very generously made time in his busy schedule to meet help locate the species. His response to our request was very timely and clear, and he maintained contact prior to meeting to ensure all went to plan. It was a pleasure to meet and spend time with Laurie, he was very knowledgeable and a very good communicator. We look forward to spending more time with him on one of his tours in the future and would very happily recommend his services.

Visited June 2017
Reviewed by R B
Laurie seems to have super human hearing and eyesight. I owe at least seven Life Birds to him. The man knows his stuff! He is also an incredibly gifted wildlife photographer,
Visited August 2016


An amazing day of birding in Darwin

Reviewed by Jon P

Our day with Laurie Ross was wonderful, far exceeding our expectations. He really knows the birds, their call, their locations and their natural histories. He also took good care of his birders. He kept a bird list for us and provided a constant supply of cool water, as well as morning tea, lunch and restroom stops. On this very memorable day we saw 79 different species of birds.

Visited October 2016
Reviewed by Haggisthewonderdog
Laurie took me around the best spots to find the birds I was after in Darwin and he did not disappoint. I saw (and photographed) all the species I wanted plus more! Super organised, friendly and professional - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for your birding trip. Thanks Laurie!

Visited August 2016
Reviewed by Lim880

We had a great fortune to meet up with Laurie as the 1st Guinea Pig on his week long photo Safari .He to great length to make I had what would make a great photo. Was not the least disappointed. He was always on time,15 mins before. Had all the snacks in the refrigerated cooler. Had great food under the desert conditions. Had bird guides in all 7 continents and none can match his skills and care. Will be going back with him next year in Queensland for more endemics.

Visited August 2016

Reviewed by Edward S

I have been liaising with Laurie via emails to arrange a place on a grasswren tour. Laurie replies promptly and always provides sufficient info. I look forward to joining his tour group.

Reviewed 12 December 2016



Reviewed by DanielleBel

For almost a month Laurie was our guide. He finds every bird and was excellent company. He also knew the best places to eat which was a big bonus for me!

Visited November 2016