Bowerbirds of South East Queensland I had a great time in the South East Queensland Mountain ranges looking for two birds on my “must see” list, the Satin Bowerbird and the Regent Bowerbird. Bunya Mountains National Park This was our first stop on our search which is located about 200km north west of Brisbane, QLD Australia, this national park includes much of the Bunya Mountains ranges. You take an extremely steep climb into the park, there are beautiful sweeping views of the valley below and grand tall Bunya Pines rising up above the rainforest canopy; simply breathtaking. When you arrive at the top there is a small residential area and a clearing amongst the rainforest, this was the national park camping area were we set up camp for the night. On arrival we were soon welcomed by female Satin Bowerbirds, Crimson Rosellas, King Parrots, Bush Turkey’s, White browed Scrubwrens, Superb Fairy-Wrens and many Wallabies, how fantastic to see so many species without even leaving the Campground. It took an hour of observing the Females Satin Bowerbirds to locate the brightly coloured males, even more impressive was to see them display on their bowers. I quickly found 3 bowers within 100m of the camp […]